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About Proknekt

Proknekt is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization, which is inspired by the German Landsknechts, that creates evocative environments to step into using clothes, food, music and camping that appeals to all human senses. The illusion is completed when we bring everything to the old-time battlefield where the smoke is still evident in the sensitive nose or castles where the winds of history can be felt, either in Sweden or on the continent.

Landsknechts were present in most European wars during the 1500s. They were hired mercenaries, mainly from the Holy Roman Empire who were known for their combat effectiveness and loyalty – to the person who paid the best. Large regiments (consisting of up to 20 000 men and women) went around Europe and instilled terror in their enemies.

In Sweden, King Gustav Vasa hired German Landsknechts several times to put down rebellions. German Landsknechts, fighting under Danish flag, also fought Swedish armies.

A characteristic of the Landsknechts were also the clothes they wore. Large, showy, often colorful and sometimes vulgar dresses with cut-out pattern on the arms, stomach, back and legs. The current rules about how you had to dress at the time did not apply to the Landsknechts, resulting in a provocative and terrifying impression on those who got in their way.

Want to join? We are located in Sweden. Contact us for more information.